At USA Advantage, we are able to guide you through the complexity of the USA Real Estate Investment in a number of cities including Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago to make the process as easy as investing in your home market. We have offer a wide range of property priced from as little as $10,000. This low pricing means that the investment yields are often greater than 30%, with exceptional potential for capital appreciation.

We assist you to find property investments that matches your criteria. We offer a range of single family homes, multi-family homes and commercial buildings, most of which are tenanted. Each city where we offer property has been carefully selected by our team of researchers as offering reliable rental returns and are well positioned to maximise their returns from the current rebound in American house prices.

Prices of the property that USA Advantage supply are low due to the high volume of transactions. We are also able to offer more bespoke searches for clients with pre-defined search criteria that would benefit from our ability to source non-marketed properties.